Simulation Window


The frame number that is currently being simulated. All frames before that have already been saved to the cached and can be rendered in the editor or to the picture viewer.


Time that has elapsed since this simulation run started.


An estimate of the time remaining to finish the simulation run based on the elapsed time and the remaining number of frames. It does not consider the velocities of the fluid, which have a large impact on simulation time. Therefore, if velocities vary a lot during the course of a simulation, this estimate may change a lot.


Shows the current resolution of the adaptive container.


The amount of working memory occupied by the simulation core for processing.

Disk cache

The size of the simulation cache on disk.


If you have supported GPUs, this drop-down box will let you select which one to use. See GPU Simulation for more details about fluid simulation on GPUs.

If "Use CPUs" is selected, all available CPU cores will be used instead.


Stop the simulation. It will finish simulating the current frame in order to allow continuing the simulation later.

The button will change to "Abort". Click it again if you want to abort immediately and don't need to continue the simulation later.