Surface Texture

Use a texture on this parameter to control intensity of the emission across the surface of the emitter.

This will control the emission within the band around the surface. For filling the inside of the emitter, only the procedural texture parameters below are used.

Volume Texture Scale

The scale of the 4D noise texture that is applied to the emitter. The thumbnail on the left shows a preview of the noise as you change the settings.

Volume Texture Octaves

The number of noise octaves for the texture. Each additional octave adds another, smaller scale of noise, while keeping the larger scales.

Volume Texture Contrast

The lower the contrast value is, the more the noise texture will fade to a constant gray. A high contrast value makes the texture intensities vary less smooth.

Volume Texture Speed

The noise texture is animated over time. You can see the animation in the preview thumbnail as you move through the timeline. This value specifies how fast the texture is animated.