Clip Below

Specifies the minimum velocity in voxels per second that will prevent the container from adapting it's size. Velocities below that will be cut off when the container adapts it's size.

The default value is chosen such that it works with most simulations, including explosions which need lower values than other simulations. However, at the default value the container may be lept larger than necessary. If you want to speed up the simulation by letting the container adapt more tightly to the channels, increase this threshold. A value of e.g. 1000 will effectively ignore the velocity when adapting the container.

See also the threshold parameters of the channels below.

Damp Velocity

Specifies the percentage by which the velocity is reduced in each frame. This simulates drag or friction in the air.

This is for example useful for explosions where you may want the fluid to leave the source quickly but then form a cloud that moves slower.