Adds random velocity noise to the container, making it swirl and a chaotic way as you would expect from turbulent fire or similar. It is driven by a procedural noise function that changes over time. The following parameters control the intensity, scale, etc. of this texture.

Turb. Intensity

Specifies the strength of the turbulence.

Intensity Channel

You can control the turbulence intensity in space using any of the fluid channels. Use this to add turbulence only where the temperature is high enough, for example.

Intensity Mapping

For improved control over the intensities, the values of the Intensity Channel are re-mapped by this f-curve before scaling the turbulence intensity.

Smallest Size

Specifies the size of the smallest curls added to the fluid.

Largest Size

Specifies the size of the largest curls added to the fluid.

Small Power

Specifies how strong small curls are with respect to the next larger ones. A small power of 1.0 will make curls of all sizes equally strong. A small power of 0.5 will make small curls half as strong as curls of twice the size.


This value specifies how fast the turbulence field changes over time.