Render Settings

Settings in the TurbulenceFD Renderer tab of the CINEMA's Render Settings dialog:

Output sRGB (not using DeGamma)

This option is available only in CINEMA 4D versions prior to R12.

Unless you are using DeGamma (http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma/) to employ a linear workflow throughout your scene, TurbulenceFD will convert the fire and smoke colors to sRGB to ensure proper lighting and display of HDR fire colors. Uncheck this box if you are using DeGamma.

Adaptive Step Size

Should be checked to improve render performance. Disable it only if you're know what you're doing.

Noise Threshold

Specifies the noise threshold that the adaptive step size accepts before refining.

Fluid Motion Blur

Enables motion blur based on the fluid velocity. Note that you will also need to cache velocity channel in your simulation.

Motion Blur Sub-Steps

The number of samples per frame to use for the motion blur. If you see noisy results, try increasing this value. It will also increase the render times though.