TurbulenceFD menu

Items in the Plugins/TurbulenceFD menu:

TurbulenceFD Container

Adds a new fluid container object to the scene.

Simulation Window

Opens the Simulation Window.

Start Simulation

Starts the simulation and opens the Simulation Window.

Continue Simulation

Continues the simulation and opens the Simulation Window. This item is disabled unless the currently selected simulation cache has a LastSimState.bcf file which was stored when the last simulation stopped.

Up-Res Simulation

Runs an up-res pass on the current simulation cache opens the Simulation Window.

Preview Fluid Container

Open the preview window that show a fast preview render of the fluid container.

TurbulenceFD Help

Open this manual in your default browser.

Check for Updates

Check online for updates of TurbulenceFD.

Purchase License

Opens the Jawset shop in your default browser.