Check this to enable simulation and caching of the density channel.

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If the Adaptive Container option is enabled, this value defines the minimum temperature that will cause the container will consider non-empty. If this value is zero, no voxels containing temperature will be lost. However, often shading settings are such that low values aren't visible anyway. In this case, increasing this threshold allows the sim to keep the container smaller.

Dens. Diffusion

Air mixes even if it does not move on the large scale. This effect is called Brownian Motion. Diffusion accounts for this effect by basically blurring the density.


Specifies the percentage by which density is dissipated in every frame.

Dissipation works like exponential decay in the Burn channel.


Instead of specifying the dissipation intensity as percentage per frame, you can specify the time it takes for the density to dissipate to half it's value. This may be more intuitive in many situations.

Note that "no cooling" would mean infinite half-life, which CINEMA 4D cannot display in a value spinbox. In this case the half-life will display 0F, just like it does if the cooling is 100%. You will have to use the percentage value to distinguish these two cases.


The more dense the fluid is, the more mass it has. Therefore, it it gets affected by gravity force. This parameter specifies the strength of that force.

Gravity Direction

specifies the direction of the gravity force.